Skate Bushings

What are they?

Skate Bushings are essential components for all skaters. They assist the ability to turn left and right, spin and control where you move and how you move. Different skating styles require different hardness ratings for example, jam/dancing skating require softer bushings whilst street skating requires harder bushings. 


Standard bushings are a rubber compound and have a typical lifetime of 2-5 years before they perish. Polyurethane Bushings last much longer rarely need to be replaced.

What shape should I get?

Cone, conical or barrel - there are a few shapes to choose and we recommend barrel shaped bushings, allowing skaters a more consistent shape and stability when leaning left/right. Some skating styles prefer conical-shaped barrels - however, we tend to recommend fitting barrel-shaped bushings for a more consistent ride. 

Hardness Ratings

Bushings are available in different hardness ratings from 70A (soft) to 95A (hard) and everything in between. It is possible to mix and match bushings to get the right feel for your skates / skating style.