Bauer XLS Quad Skates

New for 2021, the Bauer XLS Quad Skate features Anaform (heat moulded) ankle padding, a 30oz felt tongue and microfibre lining to provide a secure and comfortable fit. The Bauer XLS skates take approximately 10 hours to wear in allowing the skater to heat mould the fixed padding to the shape of your feet. These ice skates are professionally converted to Quad Roller Skates and take approximately 45-minutes to build to your specification and colour scheme.

Bauer XLS Quad Skates are suitable for all levels of skating and styles including Park Skating, Roller Disco, Jam Skating, Speed Skating, Aggressive Skating, Posing Skating(!) and Street Skating. They are a perfect all-rounder for Recreational Skating and offer skaters the ability to develop skate skills for new and experienced skaters alike.