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Skate Factory started life in West London in the 1970s when Steve built custom roller skates and skateboards for local skaters.

Photo (left) shows Steve with Ben Howard (owner of Benjy Boards) and his team John Sablosky, Mark Sinclair, Paul Sculy, Jeremy Henderson. Since then, Steve was making, repairing and selling Roller Skates and Skateboards at Ealing Sports (West London) until he decided to venture out and start his own skate shop.

In 1983, Buddies was born, located at Little Ealing Lane, the retail space was 50% Skate Shop and 50% gym space – it was a huge leap into the unknown but somehow, Steve and his family built the skate store to support the West London Skate scene – which at the time was growing rapidly.

In 1985 Buddies moved to Pitzhanger Lane to a larger shop and to the annoyance of the local community – skateboarding was perceived as an antisocial pastime, infuriating pedestrians with the clatter of skate wheels on pavement. It was here the arcade machine and plastic curtain became a fixture of our skate shop and continues to this day!

Due to a number of reasons, Buddies closed in 1994, partly because of the skate market and mainly due to the number of robberies causing the shop to become too much of a headache. Steve continued for many years selling Roller Skates, trading as “CheapSkates” whilst managing the Roller Disco at the Fountain Leisure Centre. This continued for many years and was a huge part of the local skate community.

A few years passed and Quad-Skates was born online in 2003 – in various forms, Quad-Skates was a specialist Roller (Quad) Skate Specialist, pre-dating many of the pop-up skate shops you see online today. With our wealth of history, knowledge and skating experience all over the world, we know what products work well for us and what, as skaters we like to use and share this experience with new skaters.

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We have always said we’re not a sports shop nor a toy shop. We don’t sell frisbees or pogo sticks. We stick to what we know and specialise in sports rates skate products – we don’t sell cheap toy rated products and only stock decent, tried and tested skate gear. That’s why on our site you wont find many brands we don’t trust or use ourselves.

We have our Customer Charter, which can be viewed HERE


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