Add To Your Wishlist06. Brites Gold Skate Platez

Add To Your Wishlist06. Brites Gold Skate Platez

  • Description

    Brites Skate Platez are a sports-rated, ultra-durable, lightweight and hybrid fitting plate, bringing the most popular features for the best-selling skate plates in one product. 

    For the first time ever, Brites Skate Platez allows skaters to select your preferred colour scheme, allowing all components to be colour customised. You can choose your preferred Skate Plate, Trucks, Toe Stops/Skate Plugz, Bushings and Pivot Cups - allowing endless colour possibilities when building your perfect pair of Brites Skate Platez!


    • 10-degree truck angle with the best stability for outdoor/indoor recreational skater
    • Lightweight reinforced (super strong) nylon plate suitable for recreational skating in Gold
    • Direct replacement for Playmaker and Pro8 Plates (no need to drill new holes)
    • 8mm Standard Gold Trucks
    • Brites Toe Stops/Skate Plugz (choose from 10 colours)
    • Brites Standard Bushings (choose from 10 colours) 
    • Brites Pivot Cups  (choose from 10 colours) 


    • Hot-swappable with Playmaker and Pro8 Plates - no need to drill new holes
    • Remove the 8mm fixing kit bolt securing the existing plate to the boot (You may need to remove wheels/axles to ease clearance)
    • Swap with the Brites Skate Platez (You'll notice all the holes line up perfectly)
    • Re-tighten 8mm nut to secure.