Add To Your WishlistBrites SEVENZ (7mm) Skate Rated Bearings (SRB)

Add To Your WishlistBrites SEVENZ (7mm) Skate Rated Bearings (SRB)

  • Description

    Introducing Brites Sevenz (7mm) Skate Rated Bearing (SRB) - A brand new roller skate bearing offering the best available bearing technology at an affordable price.

    Brites Bearings are manufactured in a high quality factory, alongside other brands selling for twice the price. These bearings are tried and tested for all styles of skating ranging from downhill longboard to speed skating to roller derby to ramp and bowl use.

    Maintaining bearings is important to ensure bearings remain comtaminant free. Brites Bearings offers a range of cleaning solutions and bearing lube to keep rolling smoother for a long time.


    • Pack of 8 Bearings
    • 7mm (627) axle diameter
    • Reinforced ball bearing cage


    These bearings are suitable for all rollerskate, skateboard and inline use for 7mm axles only


    Available in packs of 8 bearings.