Add To Your WishlistBrites Rolla Ratz + Brites Pro-X SRB

Add To Your WishlistBrites Rolla Ratz + Brites Pro-X SRB

  • Description

    Introducing Brites Rolla Ratz - A brand new roller skate wheel offering the best available 78A Super High Rebound urethane, and reinforced nylon hub requiring an 8mm spacer.

    Super High Rebound offers skaters the ultimate smooth ride rolling over paving slabs, concrete and small debris . These are very similar to top-rated brands at a much lower price, offering the same quality with a reinforced core.

    Brites Pro-X Bearings offer skaters a smooth and confident ride for recreational use. Easy to maintain and reinforced nylon cage means these bearings will last a long time.


    • Pack of 4 wheels + 8 bearings + spacers
    • 65mm diameter x 35mm width with a reinforced nylon core.
    • 78A Super High Rebound
    • Fully Fitted with Brites Pro-X Bearings and 10mm Spacers
    • Silver Bearing with Yellow Removable Shield


    These wheels are suitable for indoor, outdoor and all recreational use


    Available in packs of 4 wheels supplied with Brites Pro-X Bearings and spacers fully fitted and ready to roll.