What's new with Quad-Skates.co.uk (first blog post) ...

What's new with Quad-Skates.co.uk (first blog post) ...

We've been busy making loads of changes for the past 3 months and pleased to share them with you, so here goes....

Our Instagram page is now live – see it here https://www.instagram.com/quadskates.co.uk/

We now use a fulfilment company to ship out our sales, reducing the time to dispatch all items – this improves the quality of shipping and turnaround time. We think this is a smart move to improve our quality of service :)

Our phone line has changed from BT to a VOIP service – apologies for the delay answering some calls – the new system is now all sorted and able to take calls.

Steve has decided to step back from day to day operations and support the company from the sidelines. This doesn’t mean he’s gone away – he’s still very much involved but at a slower pace and still continues to be the Chief Product Tester!

We’re quite flattered by the way other skate/toy stores follow our pricing and product range. This will continue as we expand our range of Brites Skate Products. Further information will follow when the products become available.

We have a showroom facility available to view skates, wheels and bearings. Please note: this is not a shop. It’s not in London and is located 2 hours drive away in Gloucestershire. Quad Skates continues to offer an e-Store with a courier service from West London. If you want to view the range of products – please contact us to arrange an appointment. Under the current Covid arrangements, appointments and facemasks are mandatory.

So, this will be a regular feature – updating our blog with skating news, reviews, guides, how to’s and most importantly new products. If you’d like anything featured, drop us an email at sales@quad-skates.co.uk and we’ll try to accommodate all requests.