What's in a name?

What's in a name?

So we welcome 2023 with a touch of hope and new opportunities!

We've had a year of fantastic opportunities, met some really amazing and lovely skaters + skaterboarders and thoroughly enjoyed our time with the skate community in Gloucester and the UK.

Sadly, we have equally had some really nasty customers over the years who for whatever their ego/personality traits or quite simply asshole self-preserving nature, we can now say goodbye to. We're tempted to name and shame here... but rest assured we won't forget (or forgive you) for the amount of unjustified self-fufilling abuse you have sent our way.  

So, what's going on with Quad Skates - well, it's simple really - we've sold the business and now rebranded as SKATE FACTORY - it's that easy. The online store isn't going anywhere and our retail store continues to operate from Gloucester, open every Saturday 10am-6pm, only this time with a new owner and new opportunities coming through 2023.

We also know the recession has bitten really hard and will continue to support the skate community with the best value skate products in the UK.

We're looking forward to 2023 with loads of new, tried and tested products plus expanding what we do in Gloucester.... more info when we confirm the exact details.