What’s a real skate shop all about?

What’s a real skate shop all about?

For the past 20 years, Quad-Skates.co.uk has been trading as an online business. That’s a long time, right? For many younger skaters, that’s almost their whole life. Many skaters haven’t experienced a real skate shop; the benefits of independent advice, support, and place to meet other skaters were all too often many of the reasons a traditional skate shop was the de facto place to go for all skate-related items.

Since the late 90s and 00s, skate shops changed. They became high street fashion stores, firstly to pick up a pair of shoes or a t-shirt and secondly, maybe a skate part. This isn’t a bad thing – but a lot of the skate knowledge wasn’t passed on or worse still, skate parts were sold, put in a bag requiring the skater to assemble their own parts. A traditional skate store will help put everything together so you can roll straight away.

Traditional skate shops offer advice for you to try stuff out before making your mind up. That could be testing a pair of skates, testing a wheel rebound, or seeing what bearing you like the look of before spending any money. Our store stocks all the items we sell for you to see for real, before buying, and unlike online, a far more interactive opportunity to build the perfect pair of skates. What’s more, if you like different components we can easily build a bespoke package to suit you, often cheaper than pre-built skateboards (and better quality too!).

Quite often, our store in Gloucester holds more stock than we list online – so there’s always a bargain or different product to be found in our physical store.

We say this time and time again – YouTube videos are a great source of information BUT please don’t rely on them for your sole means of knowledge – we strongly recommend making up your own mind before trying anything out. Don’t forget – many YouTube videos are sponsored and sometimes the information may not even apply to your country/climate/skating conditions or style of skating.

Examples of this include trying on skates before buying them, seeing colour choices and combinations come together, and most importantly, being able to see what you want to purchase before spending your money.

Hard Sale? No way! We welcome newbies to experienced skaters to our store on Wednesday and Saturday to browse and make up their own minds before spending any money. We can help with decision making and have never pressurized a customer to buy anything from our store – in fact, we don’t like any hard sales to we’ll leave you to make up your own mind and take your time.

Our traditional, family-run skate store is all about sharing knowledge, fun, and passion for skating. We’ve actively supported local skate groups for over 40 years and more importantly, continue to support local skate organisations ranging from community skate groups to skate parks to skate events with professional advice and practical tips/guidance on running events.

There aren’t many traditional skate shops in the UK and always encourage skaters to support their local skate store.