Swiss Bearings

Swiss Bearings

We have been asked many times about Swiss Bearings. Whilst there are many online forums with their opinions on the origins of the bearings, the truth is somewhat underwhelming in terms of what the bearing offers, in contrast to other, similar priced products.

During the mid-90’s the ABEC revolution was in full swing and to promote/encourage/generate increased sales, the term “Swiss” was adopted, alongside a Swiss flag. All the leading manufacturers of the time were offering similar products, badged “Swiss”, with an additional premium because they were the newest and best thing available.

So, what is the main difference between standard ABEC bearings, Skate Rated Bearings and Swiss Bearings?

Swiss bearings are made alongside the same production line with all other bearings in China. They are NOT manufactured in Switzerland, contrary to popular (and misleading) belief.

The Swiss element of the bearing refers to the eight metal balls inside the bearing. These ball bearings are finished to a fine tolerance to “Swiss Standards”, meaning they are more spherical than other ball bearings.

Whether this is a justified price increase or not, that’s one for you to decide.

Unfortunately, some less honorable bearing factories apply the term “Swiss” to a bearing and use a standard ball bearing, thereby increasing the price and offering no more quality for the money.

Brites Bearings are manufactured at a leading factory that has provided an ISO declaration of conformity to ensure the Swiss ball bearing is manufactured to a fine tolerance. We are confident the ball bearing inside Brites Swiss SRBs is of the highest standard.