What’s stuffing??

What’s stuffing??

Note: this is not a seasonal blog item -

So we’ve been asked a few times about the need to stuff skates. This is a new expression to us and honestly, we’ve N-E-V-E-R heard anything so stupid. Yes, we all know the source of this misinformation and sorry to say, if you stuff your skates – you’re an idiot.

Okay, bit harsh – but here’s the full information about getting a pair of skates to fit without the need to put anything other than your feet inside your skates.

  • Buy the right size skate. Bauer sizing is pretty much as straightforward as it gets. If you’re not too sure what size skate you need, check out our previous blog here >> https://www.quad-skates.co.uk/blog/quad-skate-sizing
  • There is 0.8cm (8mm) between each skate size – remember to allow 4mm for the padding at the rear of the boot to heat form around the shape of your foot. If you find yourself in a position your foot is moving inside the boot when skating, look at purchasing an insole to take up the available space inside the boot. Gel insoles are a hygienic and comfortable way to support the foot when skating and can help with comfort for long skate trips.
  • If you’ve managed to look at items 1 and 2 – the next is really, really important – Tie Your Shoe Laces. I know, it sounds really obvious but believe me, there is a good reason you want to make sure your foot stays inside the boot when skating along. No, you don’t need to lace the skates all the way to the top – in fact, very few skaters use all the eyelets available. That’s why we don’t sell super long laces. Most skaters lace their skates 2/3 or maybe ¾ of the way up the boot – this is primarily to protect the ankle to ensure there is sufficient protection against twists and tears. Lacing your skates means the foot will be securely held in position without moving forward to the toe box. There are loads of ways to lace your skates up – take a look at the infographic below


So, if you’re told to stuff your skates, you can now confidently say to that misinformed skater to get stuffed themselves – there is no need to put anything other than your foot inside your skates now you have a perfectly sized, padded, and laced-up pair of skates.