Skaters Beware !!!

Skaters Beware !!!

So 2021 is set to be an amazing year for all skaters - we're really looking forward to loads of new products to share with you over the next few months and we're really looking forward to a HOT SUMMER of SKATE !!! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Insta pages for the latest skate products and deals available.

Sadly, with the boom in skating during lockdown, there has been a resurgence of really poor quality information and advice floating around on the interweb, hosted in chat groups, FB pages, WhatsApp groups and loads more unverified sourced from "Social Influencers" who know everything there is to know about skating - or so they say!

When we read and learn about some of these recommendations and what in their opinion the "best product" to buy, we can only laugh out loud at the craziness what is considered "good advice". Sadly, some reputable skate shops have been caught up by heavily marketed skate products and priming these products as "the best available". is 20 years old, trading online and over 40 years trading in retail stores in West London (bonus points to anyone who remembers BUDDIES) - we have seen trends come and go, the introduction of inlines, heelys, reissues of old skool skateboards decks - and WE'RE STILL HERE TRADING on good old fashioned honest advice. And for all the ney sayers out there - that doesn't mean we dislike all new products - we are really cautious about the products we recommend due to quality, longevity, reliability and pricing.

We have had many dozens of skaters call, email and WhatsApp asking about upgrading skate parts or purchasing new skates because it gives better performance. Every time, I have the same message, as follows...

  1. Don't believe everything you read online about the best skate product. What works for one person doesn't mean it's right for you. Don't forget there are MANY skaters out there who are sponsored by brands to promote their products - this happens on all social media platforms
  2. You don't need to purchase the highest price skate product to get the best performance. Roller Skating has ALWAYS been a low cost sport - there really is no need to purchase a £600 pair of skates over £150 - they do the same job.
  3. The weight advantage for Aluminium or Magnesium over Zytel (Playmaker) chassis is minimal compared to the price increase. In over 40 years of skating - we have never had a chassis snap - It's a really tough, good quality and value for money item.
  4. The angle of the axle on a "premium" chassis does not improve the way you skate. If you are a speed skater / roller derby skater - there is a marginal advantage to this technique. Uprated bushings, good quality ceramic bearings and the right wheel (traction) will help you far better than a very expensive chassis.
  5. Skaters look at how you roll - not look/study what skate gear you're using. It's unlikely you need the bling-iest most expensive chassis - unless you're not skating, posing on the side? If that's you - well, you better get skating with more practice! (joke)
  6. Bauer offers a range of Ice Skates for different levels of ice hockey players. This does not mean these ice skates will be comfortable for roller skate use and often take far more energy/effort to break them in - sometimes reducing the enjoyment of quad skating. There's a reason we don't sell more expensive Bauer boots - they just aren't that fun for roller skating.
  7. Some online stores appear to have all products in stock but take weeks/months to deliver the goods - be sure you speak to them about availability before placing an order.
  8. Some sports shops are selling the highest priced product, leading skaters to believe they are the best product available. Sadly, in the skating world, the most expensive product is not necessarily the best product available.
  9. An artistic style skate boot with loads of fancy colours does not make it a new product - we have seen artistic skates come and go over the years and there's a reason we choose not to stock them.
  10. It is not possible to glue/bond/heat treat Bauer shells back together - despite what *someone* did to their skates. When the Bauer shells are broken - it is very difficult to preserve them and should never be used again for roller skating.

So, there's 10 regularly asked questions in conversations asked on a daily basis.

At  with over 40 years of retailing skate, we won't purposly sell you the most expensive item available in stock. We will ALWAYS listen to your skating needs and recommend a tried and tested formula for skating, based on personal experience and feedback from customers. On occasions, that might mean we recommend not buying one product over another, cheaper alternative. We believe this honesty and integrity is what makes a great skate store as opposed to a chain of shops or "popup skate store" selling the highest priced item.

Lastly, we are skaters too. We try and test all the products we sell and with 100% confidence if we don't sell it, there's a really good reason why we don't stock it !

If you have any questions or comments about this blog - feel free to get in touch