Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Quad-Skates.co.uk wishes all our visitors, customers, and friends worldwide a healthy, fun, and successful Happy New 2021 

We are sure this year is going to be far better than the last one (goes without saying) and looking forward to loads more skating in the UK and all around the world. It would be great to share some of your skate videos in our social media - feel free to tag us if you want a re-post / share with your skating achievements.

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New Products * just released - Brites Bearings *

We now stock 7 Standard Skate Rated Bearings and 7 Ceramic Skate Rated Bearings, offering the largest choice of bearings for skaters at the lowest price - YES - check out other main brands and compare the prices - It's crazy to know these are top quality bearings (same or improved specifications to top brands) and they're cheaper !!

We've had such amazing feedback with the range of Brites Bearings, we chose to expand the range, offering better quality, lower-priced bearings. Please don't confuse these with ABEC bearings... it's a completely different skate experience. What's more, for OLD SKOOL skaters, we now offer FULL PRECISION bearings with a SKATE RATED reinforced cage. We will be posting a full blog about bearings, skate rated, ABEC, and why skaters need stronger bearings (than washing machines) !!

Here's our new bearing line up....