Customer Complaint

Customer Complaint

As an independently operated, family-owned skate shop - on occasions, we are criticised by customers for bad service. Sometimes we get it wrong and do everything we can to rectify a situation, often at our cost (time and money) to put things right.

On other occasions, we get customers who think far beyond their ability and believe dishing out insults helps them win their argument. In this case, we withheld supporting a customer due to their rudeness.

All we ask is for a little respect - if things go wrong - and from time to time they do - we will do our best to work a solution out for you. By turning to social media and publically criticising our small business to represent their own (single sided) point of view - we are more than happy (delighted?) to share a recent example when the customer decided to turn to social media to criticise us, without sharing the full back story, how we attempted to support/help the customer with their complaint about a pack of bearings and also failed to mention the insults/abuse the customer presented to us.

So, here is the full story and demonstrate how we operate as a small, family-run business.

Full transcript below

Hi (CUSTOMER), thanks for highlighting our conversations to the Skate Group. To clarify the points you made here - your order was dispatched on 2nd February and you contacted us on 23rd March with the following email:

I bought a set of Brites Sevenz Ceramic SRB 7mm from you on 28 January. Unfortunately, after less than two months of intermittent use due to lockdown, one of them has already seized up. I'm a little disappointed - not only are they ceramic, they were also £60, and I expected slightly better performance from them. Is this something you can assist me with?

I replied the same day advising you of the need to maintain/clean bearings and received the following reply:-

Hi there, Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I have cleaned the bearings, and this bearing is still seized. If cleaning had fixed the problem I would not have needed to contact you. Kind regards, Alison.

I offered you the option to either repair or replace the bearings on 23rd March and did not hear back from you until 29th March (today) stating you won’t be sending them back to replace or repair as you have “fixed it”.

So, for clarity, now you have cleaned and maintained the bearings, they work perfectly. I wouldn’t have suspected this could be the case, as you described to me they are broken and seized. Not working? How is our service “woeful” when you have repaired a broken item when we offered to resolve the matter for you?

All bearings require maintenance. Roller Skate bearings especially as they collect dirt from all surfaces – but I am sure you already know this although you have made an incorrect presumption that these bearings are maintenance-free?

For £60, Brites 7mm Ceramic Bearings represent great value for money. If you are able to find any Ceramic 7mm bearings (global short supply at the moment), they will cost a lot more:

  • Qube Ceramic (7mm) £144.95
  • Bones Swiss Ceramic (7mm) $327.95 * not available in UK

Both these bearings will require maintenance and as they are ceramic, will require lubrication and regular cleaning with a degreaseant.

Regarding selling items online, the Law requires us to adhere to these Acts and regulations:

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations, 2000 is now replaced by The Consumer Contract Regulations, 2013. We remain fully compliant with these regulations and The E-Commerce Regulations, 2002 and The Consumer Rights Act, 2015. If an item is defective within 30 days we will replace it – no questions asked. Since the item you purchased was 43 days ago, we are obliged to assist with any repair.

I offered you the option to repair and/or replace bearings, if they were damaged – far exceeding the legal requirement.

Reading your emails with (THIRD PARTY), I also note you stated “stupid” and “idiot man”. I don’t take politely to rude customers and consider you just that. You’re more than welcome to have an opinion even a wrong opinion. If you’re going to post online with incorrect half-truths for other skaters to read, have the courage to back it up with fact.

We are not obliged to offer you a refund. Since you don’t seem to understand why this is, I shall spell this out to you, as clearly as possible. This “stupid idiot man” could offer you a full refund as a goodwill gesture. As you are enveloped in your own self-importance and insults, you will receive nothing from

This conversation will remain posted on our Blog page for all our customers to see how, as a Company, we treat our customers with respect and integrity. In your example, due to your rudeness, we exercise our legal right not to help you further.