We welcome 2022 + loads of new skate products + Steve (finally) retires !!

We welcome 2022 + loads of new skate products + Steve (finally) retires !!

WOW! Another year and 2022 is upon us! 

It's been a busy 2021 and we're really excited for a new range of products coming in stock this year. We've invested heavily in a range of new plates, bushings, toe stops, pivot cups to build a perfect colour set-up for your custom skates.


We expect a BRAND NEW range of wheels to come into stock later this year with a new range of 8 wheels, some of them haven't been available for over 20 years and were the original (O-G) skate wheels used during the 1980s. We're in the final testing phase of our new skate-rated Urethane for Roller Skates and, if all things go to plan, will be releasing the wheels for sale in the Summer.

This means, as a skater, you'll have a choice of over 48 wheels to choose + different colour combinations AND we expect to be producing two-tone and marble effect wheels in a vivid range of colours (think Purple+Orange, Lime+Black, Red+Green, Pink+Black) - all colour combos will be available. If you have a dedicated colour combo you've not been able to find anywhere else, let us know and we'll add it to the list!


On a downer, we continue to see a number of customers with really aggressive/rude behaviour and not too sure whether these "skaters" are buying skates for fashion or whether they are actual skaters. Remember, kids - we're all human - If you're rude to any Quad-Skates staff, please expect it back in equal measure and have your order cancelled. We do not tolerate any form of verbals from any customer under any circumstance. Rest assured we do everything to ensure your order is dispatched on time and from time to time, our courier may mess up - this is totally out of our control.


We get a lot of feedback about postage and why we charge £4.99 shipping for all orders. This is to ensure your order is sent by a trusted and reliable courier company. Royal Mail offers first and second class postage - however the moment you add tracking to their postal service, the price skyrockets. So, we choose to charge all customers regardless of the size of the order a fixed shipping fee of £4.99 so you can track the parcel to your door with a 1-hour time slot and if you need to, divert to a DPD drop shop to collect at your convenience if you're not at home.

No will NEVER use HERMES. Are you crazy? There's a reason they are cheap and we can't guarantee your parcel will be with you. At any time soon. Their customer service sucks.


As some of you might know, Steve has officially retired. After 47 years making skates and building some pretty cool stuff for thousands of skaters over the many years, he's decided it's now time to hang up his apron and rest. Of course, he'll still be involved in product development and product testing as new products.

We have now moved the skate building workshop to Cheltenham to build and grow and speed up turnaround time - this means we aim to dispatch all orders within 7 days, possibly sooner(!).

So, that's all the news we have to share with you for now - loads to follow over the coming months.